Electric Machines Design Toolkit - R19.2 Tutorial Example error

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Yesid901208bc posted this 21 January 2019

Good Morning,
I'm trying to follow example 1 of the C:\...\2038894_Electric Machines Design Toolkit_R16_2015\Electric Machines Design Toolkit - R16\Lib\Help\Electric Machines Design Toolkit.pdf.   Page 156. But after 502 iterations of the model gives me this error:

" [info] Motoring mode: IronPython script has launched an external optimizer to search for optimal operating points for the envelope of the torque speed curve: (4:51:10, January 12, 2019)
[error] Optimization did not complete successfully. Possible reasons: 1) Speed step is too high. 2) DC resistance is too high. 3) End winding inductance is too high: (4:51:12, January 12, 2019)
  [error] PythonException: Toolkit Error  In file "CProgram Files/AnsysEM19/AnsysEM19.2/Win64/syslib/Toolkits/Maxwell2D/Electric Machines Design Toolkit - R16.1/Electric Machines Design Toolkit.py", line 3182 ---- While executing script: CProgram Files/AnsysEM19/AnsysEM19.2/Win64/syslib/Toolkits/Maxwell2D/Electric Machines Design Toolkit - R16.1/Electric Machines Design Toolkit.py"

I am using the values of inductances and resistance gave into the PDF tutorial (pdf attached page 156).Then i don't know if i have to change values and the error is in PDF instructions or the error was mine when I installed ANSYS or the toolkit.

The step described in page 159 has an additional step, I show how I filled the additional information in page 310. I did it in a wrong way? How can I run the example into a successfully way?

I already tried both options in the step: "Select input for Probe: Solution/Parameter: (None or Moving1)" -> Page 310 pdf attached.

I don't know what to do else. Thanks for your help.

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mmadore posted this 21 January 2019



You do not need to install the Electric Machines Toolkit for 19.2. It is built with 19.2 as an ACT Extension. Please refer to these sections of ANSYS Help for use of the Machine Toolkit Wizard.




Thank you,