Element Formulation Error

  • Last Post 07 August 2018
joepa_2017 posted this 06 August 2018

I've been working on a model that involves high levels of strain using Neo-Hookean material properties.  I've been using plane183 elements since these seem to be about the only element type that can have Neo-Hookean material properties, at least for plane stress problems.

In several situations, I've been encountering element formulation errors.  I've tried Googling strategies for overcoming these errors; however, I'm not gathering much good advice, aside from the vague recommendation to modify the mesh.

Does anyone have practical suggestions for overcoming element formulation errors in a nonlinear analysis?  Even some greater insight into what could cause element formulation errors would be helpful.  Thanks    

SandeepMedikonda posted this 07 August 2018


The Neo-Hookean model is typically not sufficient for most applications. Can you try fitting the Ogden model to your data and see if it helps.

Also, please look at the max. strains you have in your data vs that of your model. Please post some snapshots if you can?