Element Mid-Side Nodes Ansys 19

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nohapeter posted this 12 May 2018


How can I drop the element mid-side nodes in Ansys 19 which was possible by looking into: mesh- details of mesh - advanced,  in previous versions of Ansys?



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peteroznewman posted this 12 May 2018

Click on the Mesh title in the outline in Mechanical.

In the Defaults portion is Element Order which can be set to Linear to drop mid-side nodes or to Quadratic for what used to be called mid-side nodes kept.

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ANSYSRUSHI posted this 05 February 2019

Why do we need to drop Element midside nodes in Explicit dynamics? Also, what will happen if we don't drop it?

peteroznewman posted this 05 February 2019

Explicit solver was written to use linear elements. If you have quadratic elements you will get an error.

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ANSYSRUSHI posted this 07 February 2019

Got It sir thank you for your explanation.

packhamg posted this 13 March 2019

Hi Peter,

 My defaults does not have element order tab. Where can I find it?

Kind regards, George