elements number of element stiffness matrix are not consistent with the full stiffness matrix?

  • Last Post 01 July 2018
wangxiaobao66 posted this 25 June 2018

I use the APDL command "debug,-1,,,1" to extract the element stiffness matrix, and I use the APDL command "HBMAT"  to extract the full stiffness matrix. However, the elements number are 640 in debug mode, and the elements number are 1280 in HBMAT mode. This problem puzzles me.

I want to use the element stiffness matrix to assemble the full stiffness matrix, and I can not find the reason.

The element stiffness matrix contains: 640 matrices for stiffness and 640 matrices for mass.


SandeepMedikonda posted this 01 July 2018

Hello wang

Please check out this discussion to see if it helps in your case?