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franciscogeff posted this 05 June 2018

good morning community,please if i need a manual or hand calculation method for a reinforced concrete beam.

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peteroznewman posted this 10 June 2018

How is the beam loaded?

franciscogeff posted this 11 June 2018

The beam is loaded with 20KN in two places at a distances of 3000 mm apart.the beam span is 9000mm,depth is 450mm width is 200 mm.the distance from support to the load is 3000mm,between one load to the other 3000 mm and from one load to the last support is 300 mm.

peteroznewman posted this 11 June 2018

Here is the four-point beam bending equations for a uniform beam.

How is the concrete beam reinforced?  Is it steel rebar or small fibers mixed in with the concrete?


franciscogeff posted this 13 June 2018

it is steel rebar sir.

peteroznewman posted this 13 June 2018

Did you find the four-point beam bending equations given in the link above were adequate for a hand calculation?

franciscogeff posted this 14 June 2018

NOT really sir,let me post the beam i have modeled in ansys and i want to compare the result with the hand calculated.but the modeled beam has both steel and concrete properties but the equation i think did not have concrete properties.

a solution generated from a beam model.the size is 200 mm X 450 mm,the span is 9M,modulus of elaof concrete is 200N/mm,modulus of elasticity of steel is 2e+5N/mm.


may i also know the meaning of Equivalent elastic strain,principal stress,von-mises stress and vector principal stress in ordinary language. i have defence on tuesday next week,and i will appreciate so much if i get all the needed support before then.when i was checking some literature i see that some people use strength of material method to do the hand calculations where they uses ''transformrd moment of inertial'' but i don't know how to get the transformed moment of inertial of  beam section.if someone can help i will also appreciate.

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