Error: Current Leaks to the Air

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pabiri posted this 05 September 2018


I'm having issues running my simulation since I've upgraded to EM Suite 19.1. My simulation (inductive power transfer between 2 antennas) was running without errors previously but is now giving me the error "current leaks to the air." I've tried re-creating the model and re-doing everything, but am having the same issue.

I've also tried running the simulation with the transmitter-only and receiver-only and the issue seems to only persist with the receiver present. I have a current excitation setup with one face in a looped coil:

Snashot of Simulation Page

Would really appreciate any help!!

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Mark Solveson posted this 06 September 2018

A few suggestions:  

In the Initial Mesh Settings (Mesh Operations -> Initial Mesh Settings...)
Try unchecking the apply curvilinear meshing to all curved surfaces
And/Or, Change to Classic Mesh


pabiri posted this 08 September 2018

I tried both options but the problem persists.

alexa410 posted this 12 July 2019


Did you solve this error? If yes, how? I get the same error even though the when I verify the model there are no issues and I haven't done anything different compared to other simulations. I have two planar coils placed at 2mm one from another and each has a current excitation of 1 Amp. 

thank you