Error Floating Point in IC Engine Simulation

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nechveirst posted this 26 November 2018

Hi all !

Now i try to understand how analyze IC Engine Cold Flow works using ANSYS Fluent. I have read this article and Youtube Channel:

ANSYS How to Videos (
Cold Flow ICE

But when I have prepared all the files and follow the tutorials, I faced the problem :

Floating Point Exception Error

For the first I face the problem, in Monitor, the Residual, I have changed the continuity from 0.0001 into 0.01. And I also change the mesh reference size from coarse (0.93mm) into 2 mm. I repeat the simulation and watch the tutorials carefully, but everything was same.
Even, when I follw the tutorials in the same way, I still faced this problem, and I do not have any ideas about this problem.

I read this article but there is no different result, still stuck in the same problem.

Could anyone help me to explain and solve this problem ? Thank you so much
I use ANSYS 18.1 and Windows 10 Pro.

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seeta gunti posted this 26 November 2018


FLUENT ICE Tool was old and the tutorial might be little old. Some of the TUI command might have changed from older version to newer vesrion. 

For IC engines, we suggest to use Forte now as it has more model capabilities and easy meshing.

Please go through the following link for FORTE tutorials.



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nechveirst posted this 23 February 2019

Thank you so much for replying my post and help me out into my problems