Error in Element Formulation

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masud407 posted this 3 weeks ago


I was trying to draw stress strain curve for the attached structure by using ABS materials. My design consists of some unit cells. Therefore, I have to use command object for each part to simulate the properties of the materials which is given in the following link:

I have applied force at one end of the structure and a fixed support from other end. However, It shows "Error in element formulation" in the solver type. May be the problem is related to the abrupt change in the structure. There is nothing showed in the force convergence tab as well. Note that, I have used tetrahedral mesh with fine sizing. So how cal I resolve this issue? Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.

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sk_cheah posted this 3 weeks ago

The APDL script looks reasonable. Try solving it again with Identify Element Violations a non-zero number to find the delinquent elements. Improving your mesh locally might help.  


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masud407 posted this 3 weeks ago

Thanks for your comment. I have tried putting 2 instead of 0 at Identify Element Violation tab, But still I got the same outcome.


sk_cheah posted this 3 weeks ago

Did you fix the elements that are failing?

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masud407 posted this 3 weeks ago

No, Can you please tell me how to fix that elements?

sk_cheah posted this 3 weeks ago

I try to make the elements not skewed or oddly shaped by slicing-and-dicing the original geometry, share topology, then apply mesh controls.