Error in modelling plastic deformation

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keyurckp posted this 09 March 2019

TB,PLAS plasticity option is not currently supported by element type   
 202 (element 2497 and material 3).                                

The step data was checked and there were errors found.

I am getting above two error messages when i was performing fracture propagation problem with plasticity.

 Can anyone explain what changes should i make to remove those two errors

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SandeepMedikonda posted this 12 March 2019

Element type 202 refers to INTER202, refer to the manual on this element. INTER202 is a 2-D 4-node linear interface element used for 2-D structural assembly modeling. See the docs on CZM materials.

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keyurckp posted this 17 March 2019

Hi Sandeep, thank you for your reply but reading the docs on CZM materials does not help me much let me make my question more clear so can you tell me any method in ansys where i can model crack propagation through a elastic-plastic material including the possibility of U-MAT?  

Because i am at a point where i am not sure that modelling crack propagation through a elastic-plastic material is even possible or not as i have already tried different methods like XFEM and VCCT