Error in Multi-domain Steady-state simulation

  • Last Post 03 April 2018
cahya.amalinadhi posted this 28 March 2018

Hello, my name is Cahya. I am new in using ANSYS Fluent.

I have a problem in simulating my case. The case is a heat transfer between hot fluid inside a pipe (water-liquid) and a cold ambient air (air). It seems to be a simple case but until now, I can not simulate it.

I ran it in steady state and activate the gravity, energy, and viscous model. There is an inlet boundary for hot fluid pipe and ambient air, I put different velocity and temperature for each boundary. At first try, it gave me error "floating point". Then I tried changing the solver method. It still gave me the same result.

Eventually, I changed the domain of ambient air from air to water-liquid. Surprisingly the simulation worked. I tried changing the domain of hot fluid from water-liquid to air. Also the simulation worked with this setup. I concluded that the simulation worked when the domain are the same.

Then I did several research to make the simulation work. The simulation of multi-domain worked when:

  • Turn off the gravity model
  • use coupled solution method, but not converge
  • both inlet boundary have the same temperature

I need help from you all.

Thank you

raul.raghav posted this 03 April 2018

How was the interface (or the pipe wall) between the water and air defined? Did you use the thin-wall thermal BC for the pipe walls? Could you attach the workbench archive file?