I am simulating heat transfer from the surface of a pin fin. The inlet velocity is taken to be as 0.24 m/s and outlet boundary condition was determined as outflow. To start with I used a laminar model and steady state solver.

I am new to it and am facing the following problems:

  • For steady state, the temperature is limited to 1.0000e+00 in many cells of the domain. And also, I am getting temperatures below 273K in the solution. What is it that is giving this error?
  • Should I provide a convective heat transfer coefficient to the fluid domain? If yes, then how is that value calculated?
  • Can I use the turbulent model for the given velocity? If yes, then which one should it be?

When I tried solving using turbulent model, then it gave me floating point exception. I am still struggling with the basics here, maybe.


Any help is highly appreciated.