Error in the rotor-diffuser interface when grid is refined

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sumansapkota posted this 06 August 2019

Hello everyone,

I have been encountering a problem. When I am doing simulation of a pump with a coarse mesh (cell size: 0.05 m) the simulation runs fine. There is an error warning that " Hard points are not supported and might be ignored in the 3D pre inflation " . I disregard this warning and it runs fine.

When I decrease the cell size to to 0.035 m, it gives me the same error warning plus error at the interface when i try to run the simulation. I had a similar error in the solver before but I reduced the impeller-volute domain interface tolerance to 1 mm and it worked fine. Now that I want to have a grid independent study, the solver does not let me. 

The error is included in the attachment.

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sumansapkota posted this 08 February 2020

The error was resolved when there was absolutely no tolerance between the rotor and the stator interface.