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colintho posted this 15 March 2019


I was discussing yesterday about an issue modelling airflow around a ribbed plate, I resolved this and managed to get the model to work.


However I am now trying to model this ribbed plate inside a larger fluid volume but when I try subtract the plate (material) from the fluid volume frozen) it fails.


Can anyone try do this or advise how to do this as I can't see what is stopping it image shown below!


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rwoolhou posted this 18 March 2019

Boolean operations are designed to work with volume parts: if the baffles etc are surfaces it'll fail. Can you show some more detail of the problem area?  You may be better off creating volume regions between the fins and then doing a split or subtract+retain to give you the features & then label the baffles as "wall-something" in Meshing. 

kkanade posted this 19 March 2019