Error: One or more entities failed to mesh. Need help regarding meshing

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dpteo posted this 5 days ago

One or more entities failed to mesh. The mesh of the bodies containing these entities may not be up-to-date.  However, meshing might be successful on the other entities.

I have this re-entrant structure that I have problem meshing, I tried meshing using different methods it all resulted in the same error. However I was able to mesh an exact same structure but 5x5 cm instead of 20x20 cm. 

Can anyone take a look at my model and provide guidance?

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jj77 posted this 5 days ago

I have a student licence so I get some/warning error when using the stp, so I have opened it in the software (Strand7) I use and where I know exactly what is going on, and the problem are the surfaces/faces shown below (mark with red). With these faces, the part can not  form an enclosed volume, thus, any mesher can not generate a 3D volume mesh of this part. Remove these features/faces and it meshes fine.

You can then tet mesh or sweep this part.


Have in mind also that meshers do not like large faces with narrow features, so I would try and split this face/body up into smaller faces, and also along the longitudinal axis (directions is from one zig zag face to the other)

dpteo posted this 4 days ago

Thank you jj77, however I do not see the thing that you circled on my model.

This is what my model looked like

jj77 posted this 4 days ago


The reason are the features cutting into each other requiring this a tiny mesh size (~1E-7 m). 

One can split the part at this location thus ending up with 3 parts (make also new part, multibody part). That is top and bot. plate structure and central zig-zag like structure.



To add, there is also a crack along the corner edge, not sure if that should be like that.

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dpteo posted this 4 days ago

Thank you, however if I split into 3 different parts during the simulation will it count as 1 solid piece?

jj77 posted this 4 days ago

You can make a multi-body part in DM - select the 3 bodies (on the parts,bodies tree), and mouse right click, selecting then finally form new part.

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dpteo posted this 4 days ago

Thank you jj77, will give it a try