error when i try to solve

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michel posted this 04 February 2018


when i click on "solve" the following message appears:

"Your product license has numerical problem size limits, you have exceeded these problem size limits and the solver cannot proceed."

does anybody know how do i fix this problem?

my version is the 18.2 student

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peteroznewman posted this 04 February 2018

The Student license is limited for Structural problems to < 32,000 nodes+elements (and < 512k cells/nodes for CFD).

Reduce the number of nodes and elements below this value and your model will start solving.

Click on mesh, and in the details window are Statistics. That is where you will find the count of nodes and elements.

michel posted this 04 February 2018

thnak you!

j4Cruisers posted this 07 February 2018

I am values to change the Node is grayed out. Is there a step I am missing?


Raef.Kobeissi posted this 07 February 2018

It is greyed out because while the meshing window is open Fluent,CFX or any other solver is also open, you need to close the solver and then you can use the meshing window again. Regards

Raef Kobeissi