Error when installation and launching workbench 19.2 STUDENT (WIN 10)

  • Last Post 14 January 2019
d4devilx posted this 12 January 2019

Hey guys I am getting error trying to start workbench and when installing. I have tried the following so far:

  • Installing ansys in different drive but this failed as well
  • Client ANSILIC_ADMIN UTILITY shows set license preferences for User ??????? which could've occurred due changing username to Arabic letters however changing back to English didn't solve a thing. 
  • Changing username of original account to many different names to no avail
  • Installing on different accounts but on the other user account it fails to load analysis systems in the workbench whilst giving the error:could not read server port ANSYSLI_DEMO_PORT 
  • Turning firewall off
  • Re-downloading the software and reinstalling
  • There is no license manager apparently that I could find. Is this due to 19.2 version of workbench?
  • Completing unfinished licensing configuration in ANSILIC_ADMIN UTILITY which gives me error at the end as well. It asks for hostname which i do provide using capture utility from ansys but this fails to start workbench as well

Funny enough workbench worked perfectly when I installed it for the very first time, when I uninstalled for a while then re-installation of workbench started giving me this headache. 

I have attached the errors when starting Ansys as text file: there will be two errors numbered alphabetically (A) and (B) in the text file.

Wish I could work at home on my computer but having this error i am forced to go to university every now and then which is getting frustrating for time purposes, help would be appreciated.




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abenhadj posted this 14 January 2019

Can you remove or rename the folder ".ansys" under %Appdata%? cleanup everything, install with explicit admin right (run as admin) and check again?

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