Error while opening wbpz file

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Raunak15 posted this 2 weeks ago

This is the error message that I am getting while trying to open a .wbpz file.

I am running Ansys Aim 19.0

I will appreciate any help with this regard.

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raul.raghav posted this 2 weeks ago

Could you share the workbench archive file here so we could take a quick look?


Raunak15 posted this 2 weeks ago

I have attached the workbench archive file.

Thank You 1

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peteroznewman posted this 2 weeks ago

I recognized the file name and used ANSYS 18.2 to open that archive, which is from the CornellX course on They recommend you install ANSYS Student 18.2 for that course.

I suggest you uninstall ANSYS AIM 19.0 and then install ANSYS Student 18.2, which can be found under Prior Release link.

If installing AIM 19.0 was intentional and not a mistake, then reply to confirm that and we can talk about how to build that model in AIM.

Raunak15 posted this 1 weeks ago

It works fine on 18.2 but I was wondering if there is a workaround other than building the model from scratch.

peteroznewman posted this 1 weeks ago

I don't know about moving from Workbench to AIM, but you can export the geometry out of the Geometry editor and save that to a file, then in AIM, you can import that geometry from that file.

Raunak15 posted this 4 days ago

Yes that works!

Thanks for the tip.