Hi Everyone,

If you've ever taken a look at the opening page of the ANSYS Student product's "Help Viewer", since R18.1 you'll see a note about our new online help.

The new online help is a beta feature at 18.1 and 18.2, but regardless I strongly recommend that you start using it, as it really is very intuitive and a very nice enhancement over the "old" help viewer. To switch is on as your default help viewer, simply set up a new environment variable in your operating system. In MS Windows 10 this is achieved by open the System Properties and selecting Environment Variables. If you can't locate that, use Cortana, type in "Add New Environment Variable".  Here's the new Environment Variable to use: 

Hit OK and then exit all your running ANSYS applications. Wait a few minutes, and then start ANSYS Workbench again. When you select "Help" you see the new Online Help. It may take a while to locate the website the first time.