explicit analysis

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kartik posted this 05 July 2018

how do i simulate a impact test on a component ? where a hammer is used to impact a screw 10 times. one impact i can simulate but after the screw impact by the hammer on the screw, the nail is deformed, now i want to impact the screw 9 times with the  hammer at the same velocity on the deformed nail. how do i simulate. repeated impacts.

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bsista posted this 06 July 2018


You might want to set up a 10 step simulation (this is going to be a long simulation) and define a cyclic displacement profile on the hammer to move it back and forth. I can't think of a better way, maybe others can chip in.

What solver are you using? Explicit STR or ANSYS LS DYNA?

kartik posted this 17 July 2018

im using explicit str