Export Nodal Displacement and Forces boundary conditions

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Walther posted this 29 May 2020


I have a model in which I defined nodal forces and nodal displacements through named selections. I have successfully exported nodal coordinates and displacements results after solution as I needed for further analysis in a different application, however I am having trouble finding a way to export the boundary conditions.

What I am looking for ideally is a .txt file exactly like the results export file, with nodes and equivalent nodal displacement boundary conditions for each node. 

Do you know of a way I can access that data? The closest I've gotten to it is exporting a .dat file with NASTRAN solver conditions, which actually has the nodal displacements and forces written explicitly, although that would take a lot of scripting on my part to gather the appropriate data from that file, and if there is a more direct format like the export results but for boundary conditions it would be great.




Walther posted this 30 May 2020

I couldn't find a way to do this natively, so I had to use a hacky way. I'm scripting in IronPython. The solution I used is as follows: 

  • 1) Write a .txt file externally for nodal forces and nodal displacements, each line of that file containing the following : named selection name, units, x,y and z components of that nodal force or displacement
  • 2) Create a new named selection with all nodes
  • 3) Export each named selection through the native .ExportToTextFile() method.
  • 4) Using an external python script, combine the nodal forces and nodal displacements as columns in the named selection with all nodes, by comparing selection names  and node numbers in the individual selections and the file with  the forces and displacements.

Although I can't provide direct code for this as what I created is specific to my situation, feel free to ask me for guidance if you need something like this.