External Data Module taking a long time

  • Last Post 19 December 2018
RD2016 posted this 22 October 2018

Hey guys, I'd like to get some more info on this.

So, I'm using the External Data Module linked to Mechanical in order to move the geometry based on imported displacement. I have multiple .txt files containing the x-,y- coordinate of a node (about 80 nodes, in total for one .txt file), with its associated displacement in the respective direction. It works well, and I'm okay with my data mapping. The issue, as of late, is that it's taking upwards of 12 hours to update the setup cell in Mechanical. This is potentially problematic, especially since I'm using this in a FSI study and need to be able to adjust certain things on the fly.

Now, I know that some more experienced dudes would rightly point out that importing displacement from the External Data Module should not take that long, and that I should have a look at my system. The issue, unfortunately, lies in the quantity of data files I've added into the module; well over 1500. I know, a lot of data points...

This, compounded with fact that in Mechanical I have to repeat (in the imported displacement, copy and paste all 1500 data points again, leading to well over 3000 rows in the Imported Displacement section) the imported data to simulate a periodic simulation. Although I have a multi-core system, I'm fairly certain that this process is not being fully-optimized.

So, my question is; how exactly do I go about optimizing this situation?

RD2016 posted this 19 December 2018

Just checking in to see if anyone has any input on this.