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Wasif posted this 12 February 2020


I am trying to extract volume from so that it becomes a solid. However, it only resuls in the formation of a surface. The volume needs to be extracted between a body and a surface. I have attached the picture and file.

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FrankD posted this 12 February 2020


You should not be using Volume Extract -- that is for creating solids for internal air/fluid volumes.

When using Combine, there is a mix of tangent and non-tangent (or all nicely-intersecting) intersections, between the Surface and Solid bodies -- which is bad for successful combination.
So it does not work right away (Select the Solid, then Ctrl+select the Surface)

To make the intersection the same time (all intersecting) simply select the whole edge of the surface and Extend it downwards into the solid with Pull)

Then Combine.


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Wasif posted this 13 February 2020

I have tried pulling it into the solid but it still doesnt work. 

peteroznewman posted this 13 February 2020

I built on Frank's advice and got a nice solid below the hump.

SC failed to subtract the tool from the hump so I cut off the complex end.

Then I used to Pull tool to extend that end face past the tool body that I will later use to subtract.

The hump still failed to subtract the tool body.  As a last resort, I moved the hump up by 0.01 mm, and put a plane through the tangent edge, them moved that plane down by 0.01 mm.

Finally, the Combine, Subtract operation worked.