Failed convergence

  • Last Post 01 June 2020
Gandhara posted this 31 May 2020

Hello ANSYS community,

I am trying to do 3 point bending of an RHS beam in ANSYS Mechanical with a large deflection on but with linear material properties. I have now tried countless settings, but every time I run a simulation it all fails and yields an error that says the failed to converge.

I have uploaded my setup in the uploaded workbench under the name "Force control: Non-lineær geometry + Lineær material"

Does anyone have suggestions regarding what I can do?

PS: I do get warnings related to not having enough constraints, but as I am using the same constraints as I have been using in Solidworks for the same geometry, I have ignored these warnings. 

sdeogeka posted this 01 June 2020


Could you share an image showing all the boundary conditions you have applied? Not enough constraints may cause rigid body motion and hence incorrect results. What Analysis Settings do you have? Have you tried increasing the number of substeps?

Due to company policies Ansys employees cannot download any attachments, so an image would help.