Failure results of composite materials modeled by Shell163 in Explicit Dynamic (classic-APDL)

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Sina.Dadashzadeh posted this 30 November 2018

Hi all, 

I'm doing low-velocity impact on composite using explicit dynamic by APDL. To model my composite I used Shell163 and RMODIF command to lay-up it. 
I want to get the failure results like Tsai-wu but I can't. May I ask you to guide me in applying the material model that can be able to see the failure modes?

Note: I tried FC commands but those ones seem to not working on Explicit Dynamic.

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SandeepMedikonda posted this 03 December 2018

Sinad, orthotropic material failure model won't work with LS-DYNA in MAPDL.

You can try using LS Pre-Post or WB LS-DYNA using Command Snippets.

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Sina.Dadashzadeh posted this 08 December 2018

Dear @SandeepMedikonda, 
I appreciate your kind consideration. 
As I developed a code for my model, there is no way to change the software, Can I calculate the Tsai-Wu failure, using the stresses in local coordinates? 
In this case, I should check all the nodes in all sub-steps.

SandeepMedikonda posted this 08 December 2018

Sinad, when you say a code for your model, I believe you are talking about your own material subroutine? If so, yes you can do that. Oftentimes, stresses are rotated into the local co-ordinate systems before they are sent into the material subroutine. So it should be fairly simple both in Autodyn or LS-DYNA (See *MAT_55).

Also, think about the post softening behavior? I've used a Weibull function in my work.


Sina.Dadashzadeh posted this 08 December 2018

No, I directly used orthotropic material, by code I meant the whole model which is modeled parametrically for optimization purpose. 
I agree with you that both LS-Dyna and Autodyn are more convenient to work with, but now, I don't have time to change the software so I'm going to use code to calculate the Tsai-Wu failure. Thank you so much for guiding me with my issue.