Find Reynolds and Grashof numbers in heated circular channel using FLUENT

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omarjumaah posted this 12 November 2018

Hello all,

I am modeling mixture of gases that flow in heated circular channel. The inlet gas mixture flow at 300 K, and the mixture passes heated zone at 100k. I found these equations to calculate Re & Gr # 

Re = rau(ref). vel(in). D(inlet)/miu (ref)

Gr= g. rau(ref)^2.D^3.[Ts-Tin]/miu (ref)^2. T(ref)

where rau=density; vel=inlet velocity; D=inlet diameter; miu= viscosity ; g=gravitational acceleration ; Ts=1000k; Tin=300k


my question is how can I get Re & Gr using Fluent, also how can I get the viscosity at the reference temperature.

Thanks in advance   

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kkanade posted this 13 November 2018

You can use custom field function for Re and Gr.

I believe to get viscosity at reference temperature, you may need to check handbooks. 

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