Finding Stress and Deformation Values at an Exact Location in Static Structural Study

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Colleen posted this 06 December 2018

I made a static structural study, and would like to know the stress and deformation values at an exact location to check if it matches strain gauge results from my physical validation.

I've been trying to create points from a coordinate file following this guide:  However, it is proving to be very difficult to do this. 

Could you please advise on the correct way to probe the results at an exact location for a static structural study? 

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SandeepMedikonda posted this 06 December 2018


  Please remove any references to sharcnet and use ANSYS Help. If you are not sure how to, please see here. Not only is this according to the rules of the forum, it is also more up to date and accurate.

  Coming to your question. Have you tried using named selections or construction geometry to do your post-processing calculations? Also, if you want to get an accurate representation of the Stress, you might want to use the ERESX, NO command. Please see this discussion.

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Colleen posted this 06 December 2018

 Thanks for your response. I'm unable to view any of those links. The links to register with redirect me back to this site. 

SandeepMedikonda posted this 06 December 2018

What version of ANSYS are you using? If it is anything before 19, are you able to update? You can download the latest version from the first image on the top of this page. Help has moved online starting in v19.

Next, Can you confirm if you've followed the procedure listed in this article:


peteroznewman posted this 07 December 2018

 How many points are in your coordinate file Colleen?

Colleen posted this 11 December 2018

There is only one point in my coordinate file, but I actually can't determine where the origin of the global coordinate system that was created by DesignModeler is, so I am not able to determine if my point is actually on a surface of one of my bodies or not. 

Sandeep- thanks for handy trick. I can now access the ANSYS help system. 

peteroznewman posted this 12 December 2018


The origin of the global coordinates will hide or unhide depending on the state of the toggle on this first button.


Colleen posted this 12 December 2018

Okay great, thanks. Could I please have a little more elaboration on how to use Named Selection to define a point? It's not clear to me from the guide you provided: 

In terms of using a coordinate file to define a point, I'm currently trying to use the Point tool in DesignModeler to define a point. I found the coordinates of my point in Mechanical using the "Hit Point Coordinate" function. I formatted them into a .txt file using notepad. When I generate the point, I'm currently getting this error from the point tool in DesignModeler: 

Error: Failed to create points, probably due to feature dimensions

Context: Point Feature Point1

peteroznewman posted this 14 December 2018

Please attach the .txt file that contains your points so I can try it out.