floating point error

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swa123 posted this 15 April 2020


In my simulation when ever i try to change the mass flow rate from default value in fluent,I always get a error as floating point error

Would be glad if anyone helps me to overcome this error

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rahkumar posted this 15 April 2020


It could be due to various reasons. Basically floating point error occurs when you ask Ansys Fluent to perform an operation which is impossible, like, divide a number by zero. 

Probable reasons could be 1) Improper mesh 2) You have defined a value close to zero. You can check the reference values for this. 

To assist you better, could you provide more details of your simulation? 



Regards, Rahul

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swa123 posted this 16 April 2020

Thanks for your reply

In my case i want to perform multi-phase flow using DDPM model

I want to calculate the efficiency by giving mass flow rate as input at DPM injection tab

from the given mass flow rate i want to find the number of particles trapped and escaped,so that i can calculate my collection efficiency  

To be clear I want to find the collection efficiency of a cyclone separator

Maximum skewness for mesh was 0.93

Minimum orthogonality was 0.14

I have given mass flow rate at the particles as 0.25(i do not think this is something close to zero)

rwoolhou posted this 16 April 2020

What is the carrier velocity at the inlet. Remember to read up and understand how Fluent calculates parcels and what they mean.  What sort of particle loading are you expecting? Most cyclones are relatively low solids load. 

swa123 posted this 16 April 2020

carrier velocity is 2 m/s

I am expecting high particle loading and I want four-way coupling for accurate results


Thank you