Fluent application failed to start

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Reece99 posted this 30 March 2019

When i try to open fluent within workbench it fails with the prompt fluent application fails to start. when i try to open fluent by itself it opens but never really loads. 

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tsiriaks posted this 01 April 2019

Hi Reece99,

The error says it can't read certain file in the installation directory.

Did you install ANSYS with 'run as admin' ?

Check the permissions on your installation directory and make sure your username at least has read permission.

A potential temporary workaround might be to run Fluent with 'run as admin' .



Reece99 posted this 02 April 2019

I'm pretty sure i installed with run as admin and that my username have admin privilege. I got the same results when i ran fluent with run as admin 

tsiriaks posted this 02 April 2019

Something is wrong with your permissions. Please uninstall this and manually remove D:\ANSYS Inc folder afterwards. Then re-install again, make sure you 'run as admin' and see if the issue persists.



Reece99 posted this 04 April 2019

I uninstalled and re downloaded ansys and it getting the same result 

tsiriaks posted this 04 April 2019

If you look at the console text output, this is now a different issue. It can now go farther but Fluent is still not completely launched , so the screen is still grey.

Try launching it with this mode

Processing Options : Parallel

Processes : 0

Does this help ?

Also, open CMD Prompt and issue this command

ping %computername% -4

and post the screenshot of the output of i


Reece99 posted this 04 April 2019

fluent opened fully when i ran it parallel. Here is the command prompt 

Reece99 posted this 04 April 2019

When i try to run it in workbench it opens and then the second i try to do anything it fails 

tsiriaks posted this 05 April 2019

Can you elaborate on this 'fail' ?

Is there any error message ?

Does it crash ?


What if you specify

Processing Options : Parallel

Processes : 2

Reece99 posted this 06 April 2019

For both using processes: 0 or 2 i receive the same error each time:

fluent failed to start 


tsiriaks posted this 08 April 2019

Now, I'm confused.

What do you mean when you said "fluent opened fully when i ran it parallel."


Reece99 posted this 08 April 2019

From what I could tell it appeared as though fluent opened and fully loaded, but once i tried to do anything the program crashed. 

tsiriaks posted this 08 April 2019

If you launch stand-alone Fluent, do you have any issue (try both 0 and 2 processors) ?

Your issue with Workbench-Fluent is because of that error "unable to connect to external socket, error during socket creation" . This is likely because Firewall or Anti-virus software on the machine is blocking this.


Reece99 posted this 08 April 2019

Ok so It open and ran fine when i used o processors but i received this when I ran 2 processors


if the error on workbench is a problem with my firewall or anti-virus software, how would i fix that?


tsiriaks posted this 08 April 2019

so there is no graphics-related issue here (which was one of the main culprits I was thinking about)

All of these issues are related to your Firewall or Anti-virus software. Just for a test, turn every security software on your machine off temporarily and see if it works. If it works, then turn them back on one-by-one and see which one is the one that causes the issue, then make sure you add ANSYS Inc folder to the 'exclusions' list of that software.

rchristensen posted this 5 days ago

I have been having the same issue with ANSYS 19.2 and 2019 R2. I have turned off the anti-virus as well as the firewall. But I still get the issue which states "Unable to connect to external socket: Error during socket creation". 


tsiriaks posted this 4 days ago

Hi Rich,

I would recommend to create a new thread for your own.

There is still something blocking socket connections. Are you on VPN ? Are you using any remote desktop visualization tool ?

Do you see the same error if you launch it in non-GUI mode, something like

"%awp_root194%\fluent\ntbin\win64\fluent.exe" -r19.4.0 3d -g



rchristensen posted this 17 hours ago

Hello Win,
I read on another forum that this can be solved by trying you use the fluent stand-alone from the "Component Systems" and then importing the model/mesh from another study. I did that and this resolved the problem. 

Since then, the application is finding looking up the correct license and is not giving me any issues. I don't know why this worked, but it seems to have resolved the issue for me. 


tsiriaks posted this 10 hours ago

Hi Rich,

That's very odd. Thank you for sharing the resolution.