Fluent Export Dynamic Mesh

  • Last Post 02 May 2020
mskr posted this 02 May 2020

I did a coupled analysis with Fluent and Transient Structural.

Now I want to see the flow in relation to the changing mesh surface. But the deformation is not visible in Fluent outputs, although it is visible in Mechanical.

This is the interface surface between the fluid and structural meshes (sliced view of a pipe):


(wireframe view)

At a later timestep I see deformation in Mechanical:

But not in Fluent:

How can I view and export data of the Dynamic Mesh in Fluent in its deformed state?

mskr posted this 02 May 2020

Sorry, I had trouble with the website and accidentally posted twice. The other post is here: https://studentcommunity.ansys.com/thread/cannot-visualize-fluent-dynamic-mesh/