fluent has stopped surprisingly

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Rajat25Arya posted this 4 weeks ago

f1_mpi1810.exe has stopped working.

After some iterations my model receives this message and stops.

please please please give me solution to this problem.

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rwoolhou posted this 4 weeks ago

Have a look and see if there's any more text in the TUI window or if there's an error log written in the working directory. That issue may be computer related so you may just need to restart the simulation and try again. 

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Rajat25Arya posted this 4 weeks ago

Thank You for your valuable reply Sir,

There is no Error log written in TUI window and this occurs everytime.

kkanade posted this 4 weeks ago

Can you please create a simple test case with a pipe flow and check. 

Try to use serial mode. 

And update to latest released version R19.2.