Fluent stops working??

  • Last Post 15 February 2019
Gate9er posted this 15 February 2019

Hello guys


Every time I start a simulation on fluent and leave it running for a few hours, I always go back to find that fluent solver is closed with a random error message on the screen saying that the solver has stopped (only workbench is open). It usually does this after 4-5 hours of running time. I usually notice it in the morning after leave it running over night.. I have checked my PC power settings and nothing seems to be causing this weird interruption. I am running Ansys Student 19.2. Any suggestions would be appreciated.




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Gate9er posted this 15 February 2019

Right so it happened again now after 2 hours of running, came to find solver window closed and no errors on the screen.. Not sure what's going running on Win 10 64bit, 16GB ram , i7 6700k, 240GB SSD + 2TB storage doubt is the setup causing the issue. Please let  me know thanks

Gate9er posted this 15 February 2019

The last one I got is this:


Update failed for the Solution component in Fluent.  Update Solution Failed

(DP 0) There is no active application.

rwoolhou posted this 15 February 2019

Please can you post the exact error message?