Force Reaction Probe on SMART Fracture Growth

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xavierBAM posted this 30 April 2019

Hello, I´m currently doing a Mode I Fracture on a Doble Cantiliver Beam, everything pretty straigth forward and easy, I´ve managed to converge to some results and make the fracture growth usign SMART, I only have a fixed support and a displacement action on the Beam; but when I try to Probe the Force Reaction results on the Fixed support I get this error:


The result cannot be evaluated because it has an invalid scoping on a body with a changing mesh. Body scoping is required for these bodies.


Any ideas? I don´t know what Body scoping is but I´ve tried selecting the surface and all other stuff but it just won´t work.


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mrife posted this 30 April 2019


'Scope' is what the object is "attached" to in the objects definition.  

xavierBAM posted this 30 April 2019

Ok and how can I get the Force value given that my model has the Geometry attached? I just didn´t understand the answer, can you lecture a bit on that?

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