Frictional Pressure for granular mixture of 2 granular phases

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maliuzair posted this 15 February 2019

I have two granular phases (eulerian multiphase model),
the question is "When we give friction packing limit, the frictional pressure in eulerian multiphase model applies to one/individual granular phase only, or it also considers the volume fraction of mixture (both granular phases)? 



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rwoolhou posted this 15 February 2019

Each phase needs it's own values, however if you have two granular phases the presence of the other phase is taken into account. It's covered in some detail in the Theory Guide, Eulerian Model Theory (18.5 in 2019R1). 

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maliuzair posted this 05 March 2019

Dear Rwoolhou


I am unable to find the mentioned theory guide. If you can please guide where can I access 2019 R1 theory guide

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