Frictional Stress in CZM based Contact Model

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jackhero posted this 2 weeks ago

With reference to the discussion Concrete-Rod-Contact, I would like to ask following queries.

1. I used Frictional Stress in Contact Tools under the Solution to calculate the Frictional Stress value. The resultant value given by the simulation is almost near to the experimental value of 3.6 Mpa but I am getting the values in negative. Any suggestion to sort out this problem or which step(s) am I missing here?



2. With in the CZM I input the maximum Eq. tangential contact stress value from the experimental results. But every time the value given by the Force Reaction is the lower value instead of the higher one. I have marked the graph for clarification.

In addition, ideally the graph should go like the shape shown in the image with a maximum load point (point Pa in graph) (which I am not getting in simulation, I am only having the lower load point of Pb), then decrease in load and then rise or fall again.


3. Is it possible to measure the contact debonding energy in ansys? I tried using Strain Energy but the resultant values are too low (5.42 e-6 mJ).

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jackhero posted this 5 days ago

Hope to hear from the experts soon.

jackhero posted this 6 hours ago

I tried different set of input parameters but still have the same problem. The minimum frictional stress value under contact tools shows the negative sign while as the maximum value (3.4e-5 Mpa) is too low then the expected result (around 3.6 Mpa).

Why the minimum frictional stress value is negative?

Can anyone suggest me on the mistakes in my model to get the correct resultant values?

In addition, I plotted the Pressure result under contact and I get the following result. I expect to get curve like this for load-displacement plot but the resultant value for the force reaction I am getting is again the lower value as I have mentioned in my first post.


I searched for the solution of this problem but could not find any help. However this post mentioned some of the contact stress issues but I can not figure out the problem in the model to look for.