FSAE Chasis Analysis

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Dhanaraj posted this 2 weeks ago

Hello everyone,

I am working on a FSAE chassis as we speak. I am quiet new to Ansys and is finding it difficult to figure out a few things. I have designed my chassis on SolidWorks using weldments and is planning to do the analysis on Ansys. When I imported the geometry to Ansys, I noticed that the mass of the whole model is different from the mass evaluation in SolidWorks ( I've changed the engineering data ). I think that the Ansys by default is taking each member as beams. How do I change the model type to pipes or tubes. I am using Ansys 19. 

correct me if I'm wrong. Also appreciate any advice that would help me down the road. Looking forward to learn.



emirhanfaruk posted this 2 weeks ago

are you sure the material that you generated in solidworks is same the the other material in ansys? I am talking about the properties of material.And second think,

I am not sure bout you can introduce your model what type of you want in spaceclaim.