Fundamentals of FLUID79 Element

  • Last Post 29 December 2018
znianyu posted this 26 December 2018

I've found this description in help document: FLUID79 is a modification of the 2-D structural solid element. However, I couldn't find details about its fundamentals such as its flow continuity equation and momentum equation, and how KEYOPT2 (gravity springs) works in solve process. I'm looking forward to some help here.


znianyu posted this 29 December 2018

Recently I find a paper about the FLUID79 Element, and its author says that actually FLUID79 element is a solid element without body force and shear deformation, replacing solid material parameters with fluid's. So I guess the gravity springs is used for describing the body force of vertical direction, and is that right? It means FLUID79 element can only used for linear simulation.