Generating surface/body out a point cloud/curve

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JorgeP posted this 27 April 2020

Hello dear friends.


For my thesis I'll be studying the flow over a mountain. I have a txt file with the coordinates of it. I have generated the curve with the points, which I have attached. From here, I can't find a way to generate a surface/body in order to generate a mesh and flow limits. 

It has to be on spaceclaim I believe, since I have over 50000 points.


What can I do? Here I saw that it is sugested to unite all points to form a surface, but I don't find that to be a viable method, since it's a lot of points. Also the program doesn't respond to the point selection.

I guess I'd like to end with what's in this video.


I've attached the txt that I used. 


Thanks for all your help !

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rwoolhou posted this 28 April 2020

Blend will allow you to connect the curves together. Use search as this comes up every so often and it's been answered before. 

JorgeP posted this 28 April 2020

But the problem is that the program is detecting all of it as a single curve. It has connected all the dots to form a curve and I am not able to connect different curves.


Thank you !

rwoolhou posted this 29 April 2020

It shouldn't, what are you importing? 

peteroznewman posted this 29 April 2020


It is drawing a single curve because you defined a single curve.

Make a new curve after each increment in the X coordinate (second column) by inserting these three lines of text.

8,32E+03   -8,80E+03   1,73E+02
8,65E+03    -8,80E+03   1,77E+02
9,00E+03    -8,80E+03   1,77E+02


-1,00E+04   -8,59E+03   1,82E+02
-9,60E+03   -8,59E+03   1,82E+02
-9,22E+03   -8,59E+03   1,82E+02

JorgeP posted this 29 April 2020

Thanks peteroznewman and rwoolhou!!


I tried to do like this and it would be the same: 

8,32E+03 -8,80E+03 1,73E+02
8,65E+03 -8,80E+03 1,77E+02 9,00E+03 -8,80E+03 1,77E+02 -1,00E+04 -8,59E+03 1,82E+02 -9,60E+03 -8,59E+03 1,82E+02 -9,22E+03 -8,59E+03 1,82E+02

I didn't know I had to do it like that. I'm going to do it and tell you tomorrow how it went.

Also forgot to change the order! My file is xyz and to spaceclaim it should be zxy.

peteroznewman posted this 30 April 2020

Yes, zxy.

If a space is sufficient, that is simpler.

JorgeP posted this 03 May 2020

Thank very much. I've finished yesterday uniting all surfaces. I took a lot of time doing it one by one and the computer didn't help.

I'm now uniting all sufaces to be one and then try to form a solid body out of the united surfaces , to start meshing.

Might need you help later, who knows!

Thank you. Stay safe.

peteroznewman posted this 03 May 2020

You could have spent more time to learn how to write a script to do programatically what you did manually. I never seem to have the time to learn the script language. Good luck!