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usama posted this 03 May 2019

Dear rwoolhou

In a pervious post, you suggest me about scaling by keeping the dimensions for the roller in mm scale and scale in the fluent.

if I do so

big circle 300 mm small circle 100 mm and the difference between two big circles 5 micrometers. And patterns (H/W=30/40)

If i multiple these dimensions



5 micrometer×1000

And patterns 30 micrometer×1000

40 micrometer×1000

I am getting the same problem for meshing as you suggested to me.

And if only change micrometers dimension like pattern width and height (40*1000=40mm), (30*1000=30mm) and the gap between the circle (5*1000=5mm) and do not change other dimensions like big circle diameter = 300 mm and supported circle diameter = 100mm. 

1. geometry, first of all, I can only make less no patterns. and how can I will be able to scale them?

2-second thing if I change the area between two concentric circles from 5micrometer to 5mm how I can I scale the area between two circles in fluent?

3. I need to mark the fluid region for as shown in the figure if I scale the mesh the radius of the circle and center will also change. so I need to mark the region for water how I will do this. I also divide the center and radius by 1000 and put these values for the marked region but it does not work for me. please suggest

please comment





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usama posted this 03 May 2019

@peteroznewman please suggest.

peteroznewman posted this 03 May 2019

You don't seem to understand the concept of a global scale factor.  If you could construct all the geometry in microns, you can construct all the geometry in mm.

You ask, "how I can I scale the area between two circles in fluent?"  It is a global scale factor. Everything scales at the same time. Whatever relative relationship there was at the mm scale is maintained after a global scaling.  If you mark a region in the mm scale, that marked region will remain in the same relative location after scaling.

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