Getting Density Gradient in a Pressure-Based Solver (FLUENT)

  • Last Post 12 July 2019
holaagee posted this 11 July 2019


I am trying to simulate methane combustion using ANSYS Fluent with a pressure-based solver, where I include source terms defined by UDFs. The source terms are functions of the density gradient. Since the cell macro C_R_G(c,t) can only be used in the density-based solver, is it possible to get a density gradient in a pressure-based solver so that I can use it in my UDF code? 

Thanks y'all


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abenhadj posted this 12 July 2019

Check the official way to get the gradients of variables as documented in the manual.

Best regards, Amine

holaagee posted this 12 July 2019

Thank you for answering. I looked through the manuals, I am not sure what you mean by the "official way". Is it using the cell macros? 


abenhadj posted this 12 July 2019

Check the gradient paragraph in customization manual.

Best regards, Amine