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ozkantekin90 posted this 29 April 2018

Hope this one is seen by @peter .  I want to learn how to proper FEA on analysis on ANSYS Explicit Dynamics. But it is quite different then static structural analysis. Do you give me som recommendation how to approach to learn this module and where to start. Also do you have workshop tutorials about ansys. Please help me hosw can i improve myself Explicit Dynamics on Ansys 

Thank You


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peteroznewman posted this 29 April 2018

Hey Ozkan, I am here to help!  Go to Google, and type ANSYS Explicit Dynamics Tutorial and look at the results.

That first video is a whole hour. Watch all these and then try some model. 

One feature of Explicit Dynamics I particularly like is the automatic Erosion capability.

I was frustrated for a while because I couldn't get a simple reaction force from a support. Here is what you have to do.

ozkantekin90 posted this 30 April 2018

Hello i have goggled it thanks i have been trying to make a model for a while. (Sheet metal cutting). But it gets error by meshing and wants me to change sizin parameter. i have even changed a fews  parameters but did nt figure that out. How should i make thanks . Özkan 








ozkantekin90 posted this 30 April 2018

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peteroznewman posted this 30 April 2018

Hey  Özkan,

Just delete the Face Meshing control and it will mesh. Face Meshing is for 4-sided faces (or an annular ring). Your face has 6 sides.

I would open the geometry in DesignModeler, Create a Plane at the cutting plane and slice the middle part in two with that plane, then select the two pieces and Form New Part to mesh them together.  This will let you put very small elements at the cutting plane. Right now your mesh bias is making small elements away from the cutting plane. Opening in DesignModler will also make the geometry available for me to edit later. If you don't do that, please zip your .stp geometry input file and attach to your reply so I can have it if I need it later.

I would also remove all the detail off the top of the cutter and slice the part just below that top plate of the cutter. Move the BC's to that new surface created by slicing and suppress the top part of the cutter. That will save some elements that you can use to put more elements through the part being cut.



SandeepMedikonda posted this 01 July 2018

Hello Özkan,

You are probably an expert by now, for anyone new getting started on explicit dynamics check out this youtube video for a nice introduction: