Hardware Upgrade Efficiency for Fluent Models

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soloviev posted this 12 March 2019


I had posted in another section of the forum, and was suggested to post here to double check the answer received on the other thread. We are looking to upgrade two of our workstations and were looking to verify that the configuration would be suitable for ANSYS Fluent standards. We found out after already purchasing the workstations that ANSYS has a strict 4 to 1 core ratio, and that both processors should be populated with equal amounts of memory. We also found out that depending on the amount of total RAM, that the stick size (16 vs 32, etc) affects performance as well. Right now we have a workstation with 56 cores and 384 GB of RAM. We were considering upgrading this to 512 GB in an attempt to increase performance in Fluent. The memory sticks are currently 32 GB, and we would plan to add 4 more of these 32 GB sticks to reach this.


On the other thread it was verified that this configuration would be up to ANSYS hardware standards, but we wanted to verify that it would actually increase our capabilities within Fluent.

We run models with a very high cell count, and would prefer to be able to refine our meshes (either with a very high refinement/cell count to begin with, or through mesh adaption) to generate particles under 1 micrometer in size using a VOF-to-DPM model of the air-sea interface. We are hoping that increasing the RAM would allow for better results.




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kkanade posted this 13 March 2019

yes, the same answer as given by tsiriaks in other thread. 

once you increase ram, you would be able to create more refined mesh. 

soloviev posted this 13 March 2019

Thank you for the verification.