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Rifaat93 posted this 21 May 2019


Is it Possible to get results of the Dissipated Energy through the Hashin Damage criteria?

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jj77 posted this 21 May 2019

In APDL it is called:

PLESOL,PDMG,SED !! (energy dissipated).


See here for more info:



In workbench it should be in results and under the damage toolbar list (last on that list, first is damage status), see below:



Rifaat93 posted this 22 May 2019

thank  but when i choose the Hashin damage criteria   the results of the damage status is always 0   no matter how big the load is    
can you maybe help me with this ? 



jj77 posted this 22 May 2019

Never done this, but I would start doing a tutorial first like in the above video. Once you managed that, you can move on to your structure.


Also start a new question since this one is old now and not related - you will then have a better chance of getting some feedback

jj77 posted this 22 May 2019

As we said Hashin is not for concrete it is for frp laminates

mpirkle posted this 18 March 2020



When using the command:


PLNSOL,PDMG,MT                     !(Plot nodal solution for progressive damage, matrix tension failure mode)

what do the numbers in the color scale at the bottom of the screen represent? Are these the failure index? 


Thank you!