Heat Effects Do Not Go through Concrete

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hgsdvd posted this 21 February 2019

Hello Guys,


I am doing a thermal analysis in ANSYS- CFX where I am modelling a steel beam covered by a concrete as a protection layer. I created a heat source and placed it underneath the beam , then I ran my simulation. I got a good and reasonable temperature contour on the concrete body. However, the temperature does not go through the concrete and hit the steel beam in the middle. FYI, I made manual bonded contacts during the mesh process between (Steel- concrete) and ( Concrete- domain), which resulted in automatic fluid-solid interfaces in the CFX set up. My goal to transfer those resulted temperature into static analysis to perform a structural analysis, and study the stresses in the bodies.

My question now is, can any body tells what I am missing, and why I cannot get any temperature in the steel body beam although in CFD - Post, I selected a random point on a steel surface by probe tool, then it turned out that there is a temperature within the body of the steel but does not reflects as a temperature contour?

I will appreciate any insight or help. Thanks 




abenhadj posted this 22 February 2019

I am missing to the interface between steel and concrete domain. Can you please check. In Meshing you can remove all contacts and define it via suitable named selection by you better for setting up the case.

Best regards, Amine