I am working on a 2D simulation of the film protection over a porous media.  To give an idea of the simulation, a hot gas flows in a channel and at the bottom of the channel a coolant flows through the porous media and into the channel creating a film protection.

Now, I am trying to write a DEFINE_HEAT_FLUX UDF for the face of the porous media that is in contact with the channel.  In this UDF I want to get the temperature of the fluid on both side of this face and as I understand it now the way to do it is with c0 and c1. But since I applied the non-thermal equilibrium model for the porous media, how do I get specifically the fluid temperature of cell c0 or c1 (depending on which one is the cell that is inside the porous media). It seems right now that I get the temperature of the solid inside the porous media.

Let me know if you need anything is unclear.