How can I couple air flow with water flow?

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SeniorDesign posted this 01 March 2019

I want to mix a tank of water by injecting air from the bottom while water is being injected from another surface as well.  I am new to ANSYS Fluent and am using version 19.0.  So far I've been able to have one phase equal water and another phase equal solids that i am trying to simulate with the particle tracker.  I tried to add another fluid phase for air, but my program would only recognize one fluid phase.  How can I add another?

kkanade posted this 01 March 2019

you will need to add material.

 go to physics > material > create/edit > fluent database

select the material and click copy. 

also you need to use multiphase model. physics  > models > multiphase. 

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