how can i draw a rotating cylinder in a airfoil ,in designmodeler ?

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Parnob posted this 28 December 2019

fig: airfoil with rotating cylinder 

I want to recreate this design from a research paper . Can you describe me step by step, how to draw a cylinder in a airfoil,in DesignModeler? and also how to rotate the cylinder?

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Manel40 posted this 28 December 2019

Hi , 


click on Create >> Body transformation>>  rotate

Parnob posted this 28 December 2019

But firstly, i have to draw the 2d cylinder or circle according to the instructions given in the paper. Can you help me how to draw the cylinder?

Manel40 posted this 30 December 2019

You have many alternatives :

- draw in a XY plane a half of a longitudinal cylinder and then use revolution function according to Y direction // 

- draw a circle in XY plane , then ceate an other plane ( offset Z direction = the height of your cylinder ) >> create a surface from the two circles >> extrude ( or use Skin Loft function )

- Use ready forms : 

   *  create >> primitives >> CYLINDER   


  * Tools >>> ( Function " Englober " ) ( my Design Modeler language is french , i don't know the name of this function in english) >>> cylinder 

Best Regards , 



Fonction Englober DM




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rwoolhou posted this 02 January 2020

Thanks Manel40. 

Parnob: You'll also find DesignModeler tutorials bundled with the help files at R19 onwards. Go through these to help you work out how to use the software.