How can I renew ANSYS student version license?

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kkanade posted this 07 February 2019

To renew ANSYS student version license without changing the version or performing a new installation, please use following steps. 

- Go to

Then download one of the following three packages available on this page

Discovery Live Student :


ANSYS Student : 


Note: Any package and any version that is currently available on the page is OK.


- Unzip the package that you just downloaded, then look for the folder named ‘student’

- In this ‘student’ folder, you will see WINX64.7z . Extract (‘unzip&rsquo this file

- Go inside the unzipped WINX64  -> Shared Files -> Licensing -> Here, you will see 'student.lic' file

 -Copy this 'student.lic' file to where ANSYS is currently installed on your machine default location to replace your old ‘student.lic’ file in your installation directory

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Ananth Narayan posted this 12 February 2019

But for a small text file (may be around KB) it is not fair to download almost 2 to 3 GB. So my request is to download only licenses file only form website.

Regards Ananth Narayan

DiegoBarini posted this 27 July 2019

The download links are not working

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zarko posted this 24 September 2019

not working

Rahulkarn009 posted this 13 April 2020

does any one have ansys aim 16.2 version and ansys student 18.2 version  the latest versions are not fully supported in my system

Sharath posted this 28 May 2020

Can I get that separate student folder, so that I shouldn't download whole file which will be around 6 GB.

rwoolhou posted this 04 June 2020

No, it's not packaged separately. 

langlinator posted this 3 weeks ago

Dear Ansys,

This is a silly solution, please think about this.

I want to continue using 2019 R2. It is still available to download from Ansys Student page, so I assume is still supported.

Instead of downloading a license text file, 1KB, I have to download a 4.6GB zip file.

Please have a think about whether that is sensible.

langlinator posted this 3 weeks ago

So it seems this procedure doesn't work anyway. Why does Ansys still have 2019 R2 available when the license terminates on 31st May 2020?

I will have to download a more recent version of Ansys, and hope that my project (being used with scripts) still function as expected when controlled from windows command line.

rwoolhou posted this 3 weeks ago

I'll get that checked, we did make significant changes to licencing at 2020 so it's possible the older approach no longer works, or rather the new licence isn't compatible.  

However, Student is provided to help you learn, and to supplement the University software provision, it's not supposed to replace the University solution.