How can I simulate a fan inside a fluid domain?

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Kepojeyathas94 posted this 28 February 2019

Hi everyone.
Inside my fluid domain I'm trying to put a a surface or a volume to simulate a fan in which the air flow starts (fan) and another volume in which the air flow lasts (aspirator). Like an 'inlet' and 'outlet' but these two volumes are inside of the air domain so they come as interior BC. How can I simulate the fan and the aspirator? I would like to let the air pass from the fan to the aspirator.
Thanks in advance.

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kkanade posted this 01 March 2019

please check fan boundary condition in help.

if this helps you, please mark this post as 'is solution' to help others on forum.




Kepojeyathas94 posted this 01 March 2019

I've read the fan boundary condition in the user's guide but nothing happens when I put these settings in the fan settings. I've set only the min and max velocity magnitude.

kkanade posted this 04 March 2019

your min and max has very small difference. 

Kepojeyathas94 posted this 05 March 2019

I did as you say but the fan flow is very little.


This is the velocity contour

As you can see in this picture, the streamline is too little. I tried to put a fan where the streamlines begin and to get out from the building as the red indicator.