How create terminals for wireless circular helix coil

  • Last Post 06 December 2018
Balaji posted this 23 November 2018

I have designed the coil,but needed to add terminals in it. How to add a receiver coil in the model with some gap.pls help me in this.

Peter Serano posted this 06 December 2018

Hi Balaji,

Think about how you would physically connect an RF source in reality to these two coils and model the additional geometry needed to do so. - Perhaps a piece of printed circuit board with a copper layer on top containing two pads where the two ends of the coil connect to - along with two traces in parallel that lead to a small gap where you can add a lumped port. If this is for very high frequencies you'd need to model this printed circuit board as a proper micro-strip or other transmission line.


Peter Serano - Senior Application Engineer - High Frequency Products