Constrain my sketch in SpaceClaim Engineer?

  • Last Post 27 January 2020
nselvara posted this 27 September 2017

How do I constrain my sketch in SpaceClaim Engineer?

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Arun posted this 17 October 2017

Sketches are not constrained in SpaceClaim because they are not intended to persist. Create a sketch to the correct dimensions, turn it into a surface, and then use the Pull tool to pull it into a solid. For best results, make edits to the resulting solid rather than editing the sketch.

KenGrimes1 posted this 24 January 2020

How can I draw a rectangle that is "X" in to the right of the origin?

peteroznewman posted this 24 January 2020

Draw the rectangle with the corner on the origin, then use the Move tool, select the rectangle, click on the X axis, and drag to the right. That will pop up a field where you can type in the value of "X" in inches.

FrankD posted this 27 January 2020


A handy shortcut when sketching, is to hold the Shift key while placing the mouse over some reference, prior to sketching the object (rectangle, line, or whatever) This will give you a convenient "initial-location X Y dimension set" to save you the step of later moving the sketched object. In this image, I am Just about to start sketching a rectangle, having shift-hovered over the origin point first:

If the dimensions are skewed w.r.t. the reference point, place yourself a custom origin on the face prior to sketching and then the when you place the sketch plane (in the course of sketching) you can select an axis of the new origin to force the sketch XY axes to line up.